Wednesday 11 April 2012

Buy a Brilliant Book!

The copies of my book, Gledesspredere, are ready to order (details at the bottom of this post). Please notice that the price has been adjusted to the current online price.

The book is filled with 50 fun quilted projects made in lots of different materials and techniques and covering all kinds of seasons, situations and sentiments.
The book is made so that you can mix and match illustrations and techniques – or you can use the illustrations for stitching, needlepoint, painting, mixed media, cards, scrapbooking or whatever materials you prefer. You will find a gallery with such projects for inspiration in the book.

I had a hard time to stop making samples as I wanted to try out all kinds of things and the ideas kept on coming, so I will most certainly make more Gledesspredere for myself, my friends and family, and probably some strangers too. Like today, husband could use one of these

a family friend who just had a baby one of these

daughter one of these (credit card included)

and I one of these (feel better)
(all pictures by Ragnar Hartvig).
You’ll find more pictures here and here.

All books are to be paid in advance through PayPal (international orders) or bank (domestic orders). The price is NOK 320,- (corrected price) hich is the same price as in the Norwegian online shops. In addition to this price comes shipping and handling.

To order:
Please send me an email (link in the sidebar) with your address, and I will calculate the shipping fees and send you the information on how to proceed.

I will also sign the book if you want:)

The book is in Norwegian, and I am sorry, but I don’t know whether or when it will be available in other languages. I will however keep you posted when that happens.

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  1. Fantastic off to email you now! Feel better? Are you under the weather, well by all means do feel better. xox


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