Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Intuition Quilt, Day Nine

One of the fabrics in the block from this post started bugging me as soon as I got the top back on the wall after attaching the last borders. The brownish-green plaid flannel did not go with any other fabric in the quilt at all. With this large number of different fabric scraps in one place that’s quite an accomplishment I’d say.

It just had to come out but I had used up all the suitable greens in my box. Then I remembered I had pulled out some strips for the string quilt from the same box just a few weeks before this scrap extravaganza started, so I decided I was allowed to put them back in. Lo and behold; right there were two green strips which would fit perfectly.
I’m still not that fond of seam ripping, but it was worth it after all.
Oh ..., I see another little piece of fabric that will probably bug me. Yeah, I’ll have to wait for a few days to see just how much. What also bugs me is that I actually have to quilt this top to make it into a quilt. I really like it as it is right now and don’t want to mess it up with quilting stitches. Does that ever happen to you too??


  1. Your right...the green strips worked much better than the brown. I really don't enjoy ripping out seams either. Sometimes we just have to.

  2. Great fix, although I've stared at your quilt top and can't imagine what other little piece is going to bug you!

  3. I sometimes have that feeling about adding stitching, but I think in the end it always adds to the effect.

  4. I always mess up my piecing with the quilting. It is something I still have to learn. (Maybe in my next lifetime...)
    I, too, do not see any piece that should bug you... but instead of ripping it out why not cover it up. You can put a yoyo on top, or any other applique piece for that matter. On a "Backyard bird" quilt I made for my DD I discovered a hole - yes, a hole - after quilting, too. I had a green tree theme going with that particular part of the quilt, so I made 2 leaves and appliqued them onto the quilt. It represented her Dad and me... in an "I meant to do this" sort of way. There are no mistakes, just opportunities to be creative.

  5. wow, Nina Lise, this is fantastic. I like your decision making process and the design process is like the intuitive painting work I am doing. This quilt really sings!! Lucky daughter. xox Corrine

  6. looks great after the change.
    you have a good eye for color and design.
    have a fun evening.

  7. I'm glad you worked it out! It's been fun watching this grow!