Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Ready to go

Tonight is the monthly get-together of my friendly little quilting group, and I’ll finally be starting on these.
“These” are 6 ½”*6 ½” and 2 ½”*6 ½” pieces of greenish fabric which I have to transform into a confirmation quilt for my oldest nephew by the beginning of September. I cut the pieces almost 4 years ago when I was making a family quilt for grandson’s christening. Cutting 2 quilts at a time is such a time saver when you already have all the fabric out anyway.

Come to think of it, this colour range is very similar to the colours in these pictures with which I wanted to work.

I have spent a lot of time down in my studio lately, reclaiming it as my space. It’s not like someone else took the space from me; more like I’ve taken over the rest of the house. I have been working on our dining room table for a long time, and now even I was bothered by the clutter. So, I have cleared 5 shelves in my book cases and am ready for everything to have a place. Think of all the time I’ll save not having to look for stuff. The fabric stash is left untouched though, at least for now, but I am resolved getting the fabric hoarding under control.

I need a new chair for the studio, the one I have does not support my back as much as I wish and I need to take care of the old thing (back, not chair). What kind of chair do you use while quilting? High back, low back, tilt, arm rests?


  1. Jag sitter på en gammaldags träpall, rund sits. Klädd med lurvigt konstgjort "björnskinn" . Fick den i gåva av Mia (miasquiltbod) då jag var på syhelg och blev helt frälst i den :o)

    Spännande att följa ditt projekt...........

    (vad gäller ryggen så är jag noga med att stretcha och göra "simtag" då och då.)

  2. That is one huge pile of squares! Have fun, off to Cali on Friday for my next session...looking forward to organized chaos instead of what it's been like here. Hope all is well. xox Corrine

  3. I have a high backed office chair, but I never sit far back enough to use the back! Have fun with your pals tonight! Hope you get lots of sewing done on the quilt.

  4. I have an old office chair that is not adjustable except for the height. I don't lean back on the high back either. I do wish it didn't have arms - these are metal, and seem to irritate my forearms. One good thing, even with all the threads that get thrown around the rollers still work. Good sewing tonight, and post some pictures of your progress.

  5. Great pile of fabrics.
    I am sure you had lots of fun at your quilt event.