Wednesday 1 December 2010

Napkin Challenge, The projects

Today it’s show & tell-time for the participants of the Napkin Challenge. You’re welcome to add a link to any project you have made inspired by a napkin, even if you didn’t sign up earlier. It’s simple:

1: Post a picture of your finished project and the napkin you used for inspiration on your blog (or email them to me and I’ll add them).

2: Add the link to your specific post (not just your blog address) to Mister Linky.
You might have seen my nisse projects in progress. Well, now “Nisse’s got a girlfriend I and II” are finished; one for me and one for one of you who have finished your project. I’ll draw the winner on December 10th so you’ve got a few days to add your link.
As I was using alien fabrics for the tops, finding a suitable binding was a challenge. Determined not to buy any extra fabric I had a look at the wrong side of some of the bindings in my Big Box of Binding and whatdoyouknow, one of them, brimming with gold on the front, was perfect on the back. It even adds a little umph to the somewhat dreary fabrics. I was just a little short of strips and had to add another fabric for one corner. I have decided that it adds interest and personality so there you go.

And I’m also happy to present you with pictures of Jean Burke’s cute project, a lovely little quilt inspired by a beautiful embroidered napkin.

I hope you have enjoyed the process and now I’m looking forward to see your projects. I bet you’ll look at napkins differently now.


  1. This was great fun! I know rabbits are not Christmas but I couldn't resist the little fellow.

  2. I sure enjoyed this challenge! Looking forwrd to see the rest of the entries!

  3. Thanks so much for hosting this. It was lots of fun. I'm loving the entries.......can't wait to see more.

  4. Love your nisse and Jean's project is very pretty.

    I'm still making my napkin challenge. Should have it done soon.

  5. I love your two little people. Their outfits are too cute. Compliments to Jean also. Her snowman is adorable.

  6. I love the two little quilts! Great job.

  7. This was fun, and your nisse quilt is even sweeter than the napkin!

  8. This was a fun little project and I really am enjoying everyone's entries.

  9. All entries were wonderful! What a fun project.

  10. Sorry I ended up being a wee bit late to the party :) I'm done and posted. Had fun with it.


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