Friday 13 April 2012

The Sketchbook Challenge, April

The theme for this month is “Open” and I have played with an inexpensive little case of pretty markers in different colours with and without sparkle and shine and bling.

So much fun and surprisingly relaxing, like a  teeny tiny drawn quilt.

I have spent the day rearranging my studio to make room for all my art supplies and chucking out lots of little bits and pieces and boxes I had forgotten I even had. Right now it’s a total mess, you know the way it gets when you pull everything out and nothing have found their new place, but the rest has to wait a couple of days. Yesterday I did the first Make a Boob workshop of the year and this weekend I’ll teach the Quilta Figurer class, so I’m repacking my gear and getting ready. A new class is always exciting and this one will be fun.

Have a wonderful weekend; I’ll be back soon with pictures from workshop and class and the results of my recent obsessive sketching!

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  1. Looks like tiles on a pretty spectacular backsplash. Love the squiggles and swirls. xox


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