Wednesday, 30 June 2010

Not-so-much eroded leftovers

These are the last little scraps leftover from my Erosion bundles after finishing 2 projects. Today I’ll be making prayer flags inspired by my friend, Corrine’s prayer flags. The first one will be for my dad who is going through major neurosurgery today. I absolutely hate not being there for him and my mom, but that’s just how life turns out sometimes. At least I can work on a prayer flag for him while I’m waiting for good news.

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Task of the day, June 29

Today I’ll be designing labels for my exhibition entry quilts. Since spreadsheets and I go waaay back, Excel is still the software I’m most comfortable with. However time consuming; at least I know what to do to get what I want. I’ll print them onto printer fabric, rinse & dry them, and hand stitch them to the backs (preferably after their edges are straight, straight, straight; which they actually should be by now – but I haven’t gotten around to it yet).

Sometime in the future I’ll get a design software, and maybe one of those little drawing pads, but for now I’m doing just fine with what I have.

Monday, 28 June 2010

No strings, Day 8

I am so happy to present “All strings attached” to you - a finished string quilt without any loose ends whatsoever. It measures approx 30”*30” and fits my coffee table perfectly

At some point I thought I was never going to make it as the much needed stitching in the ditch turned out to be a nightmare. I have the wonder-stitch-in-the-ditch-foot, but I couldn’t get the needle position right and no matter what colour thread I tried it stood out like a sore thumb. I ended up with a blue/grayish thread between the blocks and white between blocks and border. It’s ok; it’s finished! Never mind the black smudge in the border and a tiny hole in the binding which I have no idea how got there; the hole is darned and the smudge will stay until it gets washed in the future.

Now I’ll pop over to Loft Creations and leave a message.-)

Sunday, 27 June 2010

No strings, Day 7

Tying off and burying loose ends. There are a lot of them as I did not plan the quilting design up front. Fun, fun, fun…

Saturday, 26 June 2010

No strings, Day 6

Quilting lines around and around and around the borders. I really have to do something about those intersections…

Friday, 25 June 2010

No strings, Day 5

The only thing I did with this project yesterday was buying batting, so today I started quilting early in the morning to make a little progress. I have done straight line quilting with white thread in a free form spiky pattern.
Some of the intersections where no seams meet are a bit puffy, so I’ll have to add some in-the-ditch-quilting to make it flat(ter). I tried some free motion circles (read blobs) with little success; blobs are in fact worse than puffs.

I’m heading out for lunch with a couple of old friends now, so I’ll have to worry about this later. Have a wonderful Friday!

Thursday, 24 June 2010

No strings, Day 4

The border is on; a white on white print which I cannot even remember having seen before. Maybe that’s giving you an idea why I’m doing the Make do month thing. I squared it up before adding the borders in case I ever want to put it on the table.
Daughter thinks it looks like a baby quilt, and I see why – the car fabric and the fact that I whipped up a bunch of baby string quilts while we were waiting for grandson to arrive. The first class I ever taught was a scrap class and I tried out every way, shape and form of scrap blocks preparing for the class. Some of them were more fun than others, so I just continued making them. Grandson spent many, many happy hours examining the different colours and textures.

The fabrics are all scraps from previous projects, squaring up fabric edges, excess backings and so on. It is mostly quilting fabrics and a few thrifty ones with any jagged edges and stringy threads lovingly spared on the back. I love taking a box of nothings and transform them into something.

Now, how will I quilt this thing…

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

No strings, Day 3

And we have a centre panel! I think a border would look good with all the glorious scrappiness, maybe a plain red or a white one?

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

No strings, Day 2

I had forgotten how much I love making string blocks, so I pieced together 16 before I even knew it. The blocks are really plain; one string pieced to another without any foundation.
My initial idea was to cut all the blocks to the same size, but I’m trying something new today. The shortest block in each row determines the height of the row, and the width of the blocks varies. I love all the bright colours. There are old scraps and new scraps with lots of memories and lessons learned between them.

Monday, 21 June 2010

No strings, Day 1

I signed up for the No Strings Attached Challenge at Loft Creations a long time ago thinking that it would be a piece of cake as I had designed and started on a string quilt for a niece a year and a half ago. I already had a box of strings and half assembled blocks ready to go with accompanying strips and squares all prepared and neatly stocked. Somewhere. The months have passed and the deadline is now only 9 days away. That sounds doable, right?
I finally located the box in the exact place I thought it was even though I could not find it there the last time I looked. No half finished blocks to be seen though, so I’ll grab some bright strings and make a few blocks. Maybe 8 for a cheerful little table runner.

My plan for the next week is to squeeze in a little time working on this every day; that’s the only way I’ll have a chance to make the deadline. This will be a Finish It! project on a daily basis. There’s no way I’ll give up without trying…

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Sew In #5

Yeeey, the words are slowly getting attached to the 1 of 10 quilt; having committed a few hours last night to Friday Night Sew In made a difference.
While I imagined I would do large orange stitches with pearl cotton, I’m doing teeny tiny invisible stitches instead. There you go – this quilt seems to have a mind of its own, and a very strong minded stubborn one it is too. The words were first glued on with a glue stick, and then attached with pins just to make sure they stay in place through all that twisting and turning.

I wish I had chosen large stitches though; these take for ever…

Friday, 18 June 2010

Something is better than nothing

I haven’t finished a lot this week. Whatever time and energy I have for creative work has been put into planning new projects for the future. I read a very interesting post by Victoria the other day about incubating, and I think that’s a perfect word for it. Usually I’m a bit worried that I’ll somehow lose my creativity during these periods, but not so much this time. My brain is bubbling with ideas which I write or sketch down so I won’t forget them when the summer is over and it’s back to business.

Anyway; I finished the potholders from this post this week. Our guild issued a potholder challenge where we received an old quilting magazine from which we were to find inspiration. It was not very hard to find an hour glass block so I could use Lynda’s tutorial.-)

I did not make it to the guild meeting this week though, but the potholders will make nice presents. The first will be sent off today for friend of mine whose birthday was yesterday. We met in the hospital more than 11 years ago when she had a hip replacement and daughter 2 fractured discs in her back. It was instant friendship even though there is almost 40 years between us, and meant the world to both of us in a stressful situation.

I have signed up for Friday Night Sew In tonight hoping it will motivate me to make progress on my 1 of 10 quilt. The words will not get attached to the quilt by themselves no matter how long I wait (believe me, I have tried).

I’ll be linking this up to Amylou’s Sew & Tell.

Have a wonderful Friday and may this weekend be a sunny one!

Thursday, 17 June 2010

Oh, look

The last issue of Quiltemagasinet which is published both in Norway and Sweden is out, and look – a 6 page profile on yours truly in the Norwegian issue

Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Can you tell what this is?
Can you tell which era these fabrics are from?
Can you tell which one is the uglier?
Can you tell what I’ll be doing with them?
The answers are:
A stack of eyesores from the eighties, and my money is not on this one

or even this one
but this one.

These were not my colours in the eighties and time has not exactly improved my lack of love for them. I “inherited” them from a friend whose sister did a lot of crafting back in the eighties. Some of the fabrics are actually quite lovely and will be used for quilting, but these three…

As to the last question; I have been toying with an “Eyesores from the eighties” challenge, wondering how I can alter them so they at least can be used for backings. What do you think: rags or wonderful art in the making? Would you like a piece for a really challenging challenge? I’ll be mailing pieces off with a big smile on my face.-)
Added: These are all cheater cloth fabrics, sorry I forgot to write that.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Erosion Bundle Project, Take 6: Taking inventory

The big Erosion Bundle reveal date, August 1st, has seemed so far away, but it’s slowly creeping up on me. With the summer holidays and hopefully wonderful weather ahead, there’s really not that much time left. Therefore I have taken inventory of my bundle fabrics to see what I’ve got. I was planning to leave the creases in, but had to iron the scraps slightly to get a proper view. The creases are pretty much permanently set anyway, but I was able to get a full view of the small spots of rust and discolorations.

When I first wrapped up the bundles, I just grabbed a bunch of different scraps, not thinking much about colours and shapes because the lovely rusty oranges would bring all the pieces together. Well, that did not happen (obviously), and I have to make a quilt from these:
4 pieces of white wrapping fabric with some yellow spots
A jagged scrap of turquoise Kona cotton that shows a bit of wearPieces of this and that with a few tiny yellow spots

Throwing precaution to the wind, I decided to just play with the fabrics, using the pieces as they were where possible and cutting the rest off with scissors. I loved the process, and while the colours are somewhat 80-ies looking and way off my usual palette, I think it will work out just fine. I’ll not put endless hours in trying to perfect the result, but rather treat it as a part of the whole process and enjoy the freedom.
I have another piece in progress with the leftover fabrics, but that’s a story for another post.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Name quilt: Prince

The Name quilt for a soon-to-be-born baby boy is finally finished. No, his name will not be Prince (as far as I know), but as his parents have problems deciding on a name until he’s born, and I’ll see the mother for the last time in a while today, then Prince it is. The mother is a very special person, so it had to be something handmade.

The quilt is made the same way as this one using the letters from my Make a letter tutorial, only leaving the last step (attaching the letters to a light piece of felt) out. The Name quilts are great presents for new and older kids. You can make a few bases when you have some spare time and just add letters and a shape when you need a quick little present. Or, you could make a few Prince or Princesses if you’re surrounded by baby boomers.

Now I’m off to see the mom-to-be; have a lovely Monday!

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Where's my sidebar???

Ok, so I seem to have lost my sidebar because I was stupid enough to click on something new in Blogger. Every single gadget appears in Blogger, but they are gone, gone, gone with the wind. I want my blog back!!!


Never mind, it finally showed up. Now, how do I change the background back to plain old white...

And gone again.. What is going on???

Blowing in the wind

A Sunday trip to one of my favorite places in the world, Solastranden
Lots of kiting going on out there. The wind and scenery both blow your mind out.

Friday, 11 June 2010

Task of the day, June 11

Words for my 1 of 10 quilt. I have known for quite a while which words I wanted to add, but there are too many of them. I need to cut some, but which ones? Right now I have 2 separate sentences with no connection between them at all. Maybe that’s ok. I’ll see how they grow on me.

The whole having to add a strip of fabric to get the right dimensions worked out so well on this quilt. I love the sharp Lutradur words against the organic looking fabrics, just like it looked in my mind.
The strike is over and grandson is back in his kindergarten. Although I miss having him around, it’s nice to get back to work. It’s a grey and dreary day here, so no tempting sunshine to mess up my plans.

What will you be doing today?

Thursday, 10 June 2010

Wabi Sabi Apron

A while ago my wonderful friend Corrine at dosfishes, had a giveaway and the prize was her entry to the Table Cloth Challenge, the Wabi Sabi Apron. If you (like me) are not quite sure what wabi-sabi means, you’ll find an explanation here. Anyway, I was the lucky winner of Corrine’s drawing and last week the apron and other goodies landed in my mailbox (click on the picure to see more pictures).

Corrine says she’s not a seamstress (although I know for a fact that she’ll sew anything, including pieces of bark, to her work), but she is indeed a brilliant artist and master of colours, so this apron is a cheerful work of art. I immediately put it on and danced around our house and grandson looked at me and asked if I should cook. Like I would have been that happy about plain old cooking, well maybe in my new apron…

She also sent more pieces of vintage kimono silk and a box of tiny cloth pins.
Thank you so much, Corrine, you sure know how to brighten up my day!!